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10 Useful Dental Holidays to Boost Your Marketing

Posted on 10/10/2021 by Ralph Reynolds
Photograph of beautiful trees turning for fallWhether you’ve already felt the first cold snap in the air, you’re starting to plan your Christmas shopping budget, or you’re simply thrilled about pumpkin spice everything, it’s impossible to deny that the holidays are looming right around the corner. Those of us with experience in the dental industry know that this is generally a slower time of the year for many practices around the country, which provides a great opportunity to come up with new ways to bolster your dental marketing strategies for next year.

To help get us into the holiday spirit, we thought it might be fun to talk about some (potentially) little-known dental holidays that you can use to help market your practice on social media and other digital spaces. Consider posting a special graphic to celebrate a certain dental holiday, offer a unique discount for new patients and advertise accordingly, or even commemorate by encouraging everyone at the practice to dress-up and post some new photos to Instagram or your Google My Business listing. If you already have dental SEO services with us, send those photos to your SEO team and we’ll post them to your Google listing for you!

•  February 9th – National Toothache Day: Despite having unknown origins, this has developed into a popular and dedicated day to raise awareness for one of the most common maladies we deal with.
•  March 6th – National Dentist’s Day: This celebration dates all the way back to 1790. It is generally believed that John Greenwood, the dentist for George Washington himself, invented the first dental foot engine on this day.
•  April – Oral Cancer Awareness Month: Since 1999, this month has been set aside to raise awareness for oral cancer and how important it is to get screened for this potentially fatal disease.
•  2nd Wednesday of May – Root Canal Day: It is said that this day was created by Dr. Chris Krammer in 2005, who became famous by performing his own rap song about the importance of brushing your teeth.
•  June 26th – National Toothbrush Day: If only every day could be toothbrush day! Why not use this holiday to write a blog post about your favorite toothbrush?
•  July 23rd – World Sjögren’s Day: Developed by the Sjögren’s Foundation, this day is used to help give a voice to the millions of people around the globe who suffer from chronic dry mouth.
•  August 22nd – National Tooth Fairy Day: This special day is all about the folklore legend that is The Tooth Fairy. Such an important calendar event, it’s also celebrated on February 28th!
•  September – Office Manager Appreciation Month: A newcomer to this group of holidays that only seems to date back to 2019, we certainly think at WEO Media that a whole month of appreciation for your amazing office managers is a wonderful idea.
•  1st Friday in October – World Smile Day: This day was consecrated by Harvey Ball in 1999, who created the well-known yellow smiley face for a marketing campaign back in 1963.
•  November – TMJ Awareness Month: TMJ affects an untold number of people, and this important fall month is devoted to increasing recognition of this disorder.

If you have any questions about your current marketing strategy and how you can get more new patients in your chair, schedule some time with one of our Senior Marketing Consultants.
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