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When to Redesign your Dental Website

Did you know website designs have an expiration date? They get outdated and can have a hugely negative impact on your practice.
Posted on 2/7/2018 by Wendy Hensley, Marketing Manager
When to Redesign Your Dental Website from WEO MediaPotential patients that stumble on an outdated site could make any number of assumptions about the practice such as thinking the practice might not have the latest technology. Of course, with an outdated site, that office might not even have much traffic to their website because they've not kept up on SEO changes and optimized their site accordingly.

So, how long should your website live? Although there’s no set-in stone answer, there is a commonly adhered to rule that most sites get stale after about 3 years. A recent study found that most large corporations redesigned their site every 2.66 years. These redesigns were large scale efforts that kept their sites on the forefront of technology. Perhaps that's a little aggressive for the rest of us but keeping in mind technology, websites, and the expectation of site visitors is changing at such a drastic pace set by these big corporations should let us know that websites can't be launched and then left alone for years without attention.

Here are a few practical indicators that your website needs a redesign.

Is your website mobile friendly?

Websites should be mobile friendly or responsive. If your website isn't, then you're losing visitors and should redesign immediately. Google has placed a great deal of value on mobile friendly sites and if you're not complying with their standard, you're not getting traffic.

Has my practice changed since my last redesign?

Have you opened a new office? Changed staff? Added technology? Changed your office look? If so, it's time to update your website too.

Does my website look modern?

If your website design isn't keeping up with industry trends, you need to bring it back in line by updating the design at the very least.

Does my website function well on all technologies (tables, browsers, screen sizes, etc.)

Just because it did at one point doesn't mean it does now. New browser versions have launched, new screen sizes have been introduced. Make sure your website is viewable across multiple technologies to ensure you're not losing valuable patients.

Is my website better than the competition?

Has the office down the road launched a new site? Is yours paling in comparison?

Am I seeing new patients because of my website?

If you can't track any new patient leads from your site, then your site isn't working well for you and it's time to invest in an update to get better ROI.

Although a website redesign can be an extra expense, it's something that can have great ROI for your practice if it continues to bring in new patients. Remember your website is your front door and if your front door is falling off it's hinges, it's likely not to get opened too often.

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