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5 Benefits to a Healthgrades Premium Profile

Posted on 7/3/2017 by Wendy Hensley, Marketing Manager
Healthgrades has quickly become the foremost healthcare directory in the United States. With nearly 2 million site visitors per month searching for dentists on the site, having a premium profile is your direct line to reach those patients ahead of your competition.
Here are a few things to consider regarding premium profiles:

1) Premium Profiles get more views and calls

Healthgrades Premium Profiles usually appear near the top in Google search results. That means when someone searches for dentists near them, they are far more likely to find your practice first. With a more complete listing (see #4), the chances of your listing being clicked on first increase over 300%!

With more clicks come more calls. The average Healthgrades Premium Profile receives 9 calls per month. That's 9 potential patients calling your practice to schedule an appointment.

In fact, one study found that 64% of people who visit a profile page make an appointment within one week!

Dental Marketing -Healthgrades Premium Profile from WEO Media

2) Premium Profiles don't have ads

Free profile pages on Healthgrades have ads on the top and sides of the page. These ads pull from Google and are directly related to your search history and online behavior. Although not direct competition, these ads are distracting and can lead potential patients down another path and away from your office.

3) Premium Profiles don't display links to competitor profiles

One of the most important features of the Premium Pages is that they don't include links to other dentists/specialists in the area. Regular pages have a listing of competitive dentists at the bottom of the profile page which leads patients directly to your competition where they will find more completely filled out profile pages.

4) Premium Profiles have more pictures and videos

Adding photos and video to your profile page allows you to further brand your practice. You can add photos of your location, videos of the doctor, photos of the staff, and more. These elements greatly impact your new patient lead conversion.

Dental Branding -Healthgrades Premium Profile from WEO Media

5) Highly qualified patients

Visitors to Healthgrades are at the bottom of the purchase funnel which means they are ready to select a provider. 66% of the site visitors are female and are the medical decision makers in the family. 76% of them are commercially insured and 57% of them have a household income of more than $75K/year. These are great patients.

Dental Branding -Healthgrades Premium Profile from WEO Media

WEO Media is one of the few companies in the dental industry that can provide practices with a premium Healthgrades profile and we know exactly how to create stunning profiles that increase your conversion rate and bring in new patients. Contact us for more information about this service.
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