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Social Media for Dentists - What should you post?

Posted on 1/6/2016 by Wendy Hensley, Marketing Manager
icons of Social media apps for dentistsAre you looking for content ideas but not finding inspiration? Here are a few ideas you might want to try.

1 — Videos

Videos get the most interaction on Facebook and can help boost your social media interactions. Share a how-to video or even your practice FAQ videos that you've created through WEO Media.

2 — Pictures, jokes, sayings

Posting pictures of your staff doing daily tasks, good dentistry jokes, or inspirational sayings not only engages your patients in new ways but shows the softer side of your practice. Use caution here though. Being too personal can hurt your practice. Post only things that showcase your practice in a positive manner.

3 — Share relevant articles

Has your dental society posted an interesting article or tidbit it might be good to share? What about other organizations? Sharing content from other pages allows you to post more frequently and share information your patients will want to see.

4 — Pose a question

Want to engage with your patients and get them talking? Ask them a question. As them what time they brush their teeth in the morning or how long the average person brushes their teeth for. Encourage conversation by participating when someone comments. This will not only keep your content in the newsfeed of your followers but gain you new followers when they see their friends interacting with your posts.

5 — Share a helpful resource

Share a free online tool that your followers might also find useful. Something to help them schedule their day? A website filled with great healthy recipes? Share it!

6 — Give a recommendation

Recommend a local business you particularly enjoy. Spread goodwill with other local companies and encourage your followers to do the same.

7 — Hold a photo contest

It's back to school time. Ask your followers to post their best "back to school" smiles on your wall for a chance to win something fun. Or, at Christmas, ask them to post holiday smiles.

8 — Profile an employee

Let your followers get to know you by posting a picture and a short tidbit about one of your employees. Make it fun by posting little known information such as their favorite hiking spot, restaurant, or smell.

9 — Hold a giveaway

This could be as simple as asking your followers to comment or share to enter.

10 — Post an FAQ

Do you get certain calls at your office all the time? Why not answer the question publicly! Sharing that information can cut down on calls and also answer questions your followers might be wanting to ask.

No matter what content you post online, posting regularly will have a big impact over time. If you'd like help creating inspiring content, contact your WEO practice acceleration consultant. We have staff on board that can take this task off your hand and deliver you great results!

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