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Common Social Media Myths

Posted on 3/19/2015 by Rosalea Admin
Social Media Myths Working in the marketing industry, there are common social media myths that we hear frequently from clients. They often go something like this:

"My patients don't use social media"

In all actuality, they do. Adults younger than 24 tend toward Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest as their go-to social media, and older adults (age 60+) is one of the fastest growing demographics on Facebook. 75% of Twitter users access their accounts via mobile - which means if they visit your website through a social media channel, it needs to be mobile friendly. Social media has become more than simply an entertainment tool, it is a lifestyle medium, and one that Millenials and younger have grown up with as part of their daily habit.

"Social media takes too much time"

It can seem daunting if social media isn't already part of your daily routine; but the learning curve for social media platforms is surprisingly easy. Part of your hiring decision for office staff should include their marketing savvy, and social media should be part of their toolbox. Don't just leave your social media posts to an intern or new dental assistant; think about who in your office can be the voice of your practice.

"I can only post once a week or people will block me"

Sure, if you're posting several times a day with messages like, "Call us today!" or "Free Whitening Discount", you'll quickly lose your audience. Social media isn't a pure sales vehicle, but it is a place where conversation happens. So invite conversation and build community by posting pictures of staff, asking questions, talking about current events, and connecting with other businesses. Facebook has an algorithm (EdgeRank) that evaluates the type of posts you make, how often people engage and interact with you, and whether they think your posts are meaningful and interesting, and will display your posts if you have a "good" score. Posting once a week will almost always guarantee a low score, because there simply isn't enough engagement with your fans.

"Social media is a fad"

Facebook launched in 2004, and since then social media platforms have proliferated. Some have lasted just a short while, but in the past 11 years social media has shown resolute staying power. Social media isn't going away any time soon; and it will continue to change and evolve to meet the demands of the society that is using it. Understanding the role that social media plays in society, in buying decisions, in communication trends, and in community is key to having a successful and growth-centered business.

The bottom line? If you're not engaging on social media, your competitor is; and they are reaping the benefits of your silence. Learn how to become part of the conversation and see what the power of social can do for you.
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