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Dental Patient Education Videos

Patient Education Videos for Your Website

What's the best way to make sure a patient follows through on treatment recommendations? Make sure they have the information they need to understand the benefits of dental treatments offered by your practice. This is what Dear Doctor does better than anyone. No other patient-education videos have Dear Doctor's engaging mix of friendly on-screen narrators, state-of-the-art animation and easy-to-understand language. It's a compelling package that can't help but give patients the confidence to move forward and do what's best for a healthy, beautiful smile.

Key features & highlights

•  Access to over 60 premium HD videos
•  Easy to add to your website pages
•  Boosts SEO efforts across the website
•  Scientifically accurate and patient friendly
•  Videos are ADA compliant
•  Videos cover a wide variety of dental topics
•  Can be accessed on all devices, including smartphones
•  Subscription includes all updates and new video releases

Don't have your patients surf the web for the dental information they want. Make it easily available to them on your own website. Subscribe today!

Sample videos

>> View the Full Library of Patient Education Videos

ATTENTION: Nobel Biocare customers!

Nobel Biocare logoYou have the option to include dental implant videos that feature Nobel Biocare products. View samples below!

Patient Education Videos for Your Office

Dear Doctor TV for Your Waiting Room

Thousands of dentists trust Dear Doctor, the industry's leading provider of dental office television. Turn patients' wait time into a lively, engaging experience that highlights your services and practice in the best possible light. When Dear Doctor TV is playing, you can be sure your patients are getting something of value—and so are you!

Dear Doctor TV can help you:

•  Increase revenues
•  Reduce patient anxiety
•  Decrease perceived wait times
•  Expand patient awareness of dental procedures
•  Increase inquiries about available dental treatments

Getting Started Is Easy

1.  Call 888-246-6906 and Sign Up
We are standing by to answer your questions and help you get the most out of Dear Doctor TV.
2.  Tailor Your Content
You will be presented with a checklist of dental treatment categories. Simply check off the ones that apply to your practice, and your patients will view content that entertains while promoting what you do. We can even add videos provided by your office!
3.  Plug In Your Media Player
You will receive a media player filled with trusted, high-quality educational content. All you have to do is plug it in to your television and it will be updated automatically via your internet connection.

Features & Highlights

•  Industry-leading content
•  Tailored to your practice
•  Add your practice's videos
•  Daily content updates
•  Broadcast to multiple TVs
•  Managed and supported

Everything You Need Comes In One Small Box

The amount of new equipment you need to get started with Dear Doctor TV is truly minimal. In fact, it all comes in one small box! Should you have any questions, Dear Doctor’s support representatives are always standing by to assist you.

Get started today by calling 888-246-6906

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What's the best way to make sure a patient follows through on treatment recommendations? Make sure they have the information they need to understand the benefits of dental treatments offered by your practice.
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