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Healthgrades premium profiles

Healthgrades profile image and  logoHealthgrades is the largest healthcare directory in the United States and has nearly 2 million visitors every month looking for a dentist. Any dentist or Specialist wanting a complete and robust online reputation should upgrade to a premium profile.

WEO Media is one of the few companies in the dental industry that can provide practices with a premium Healthgrades profile, and we know exactly how to create stunning profiles that will increase your conversion rate and bring in new patients.

Healthgrades premium profile features and benefits

•  Top ranking on search results
•  Competitor profiles and ads are removed from the premium profiles
•  Addition of photos, video and practice logos
•  Care statements
•  Patient testimonials
•  Prominent calls to action
•  Trackable phone number
•  Online appointment request, or online appointment scheduling

Premium vs basic profiles

Healthgrades Profile Features
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