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August 2019 - Secure website update

Are WEO Media websites secure?

Yes! WEO Media websites are among the most secure in the dental industry.

Our secure, proprietary platform was built specifically for security and SEO performance. We have implemented deep security measures in all areas of our technology. Our websites use secure coding techniques and secure forms for data transmission. Our servers use a combination of security hardware and multiple proprietary software systems to identify, monitor and block potential and evolving hacking attacks in real time.

WEO Media websites have NEVER been hacked despite over 2 Million hack attempts!

June 2018 - What is a secure website?

What does it mean to have a "secure" website?

When people talk about having a secure website, they are usually referring to the website being resistant to hacking. However, this is not entirely what it means. A "secure" website means it is able to transmit data from the website to the user and vice versa using an encrypted secure socket layer (SSL). You can tell if a website (or webpage) uses SSL because it will say https instead of simply http in the domain. The “s” stands for secure. These https webpages are generally used for the secure transmission of payment data (online bill payment portals) and patient health information (online patient forms).

How do I protect my website from hacking?

A secure website does not mean it is immune to hackers or a wide variety of attacks. It only means that the information is protected during transmission from your computer to the server. Having a website that is protected against hackers requires effort at both the website level and the server level. At the website level it requires software and code updates, including plugins, scripts, and forms. At the server level, it requires the server to be protected by multiple layers of defenses.

If someone is trying to tell you that your website is not secure just because https is not being used on your website and thus you are open for hackers, they likely are using a scare tactic to get you to take some action that is probably not in your best interest.

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How do I know if my website is secure?

Websites that are the most susceptible to hacking are open source website platforms like WordPress since they rely on your website company to constantly and promptly update security patches as soon as they are published. Most WordPress websites do not use the latest security patches so they are often vulnerable to hacking.

Does Google care? Will this affect my SEO performance?

Google’s long term goal is to have every website transmit data securely, which makes sense. To this end, Google cares strongly if you have an e-commerce website. If your website is informational (like a dental website) it is less important to have secure website for search engine ranking, but will be more important over time as Google pushes its "Secure Everywhere" agenda. In fact, in October 2018 Google stated that it was at best a tie breaker when it comes to ranking, which was matching our data. In 2019, however, we are seeing signs that secure websites are playing a bigger role in search ranking. Even more disturbing is the Google Chrome browser blocking access to non-secure websites in certain cases.

Can WEO Media build https websites?

Yes, WEO Media does build secure https websites and webpages. Please contact us to setup a consultation to review your website goals and objectives
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