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The information provided on this form is important to your dental health. Please complete all of questions to the best of your ability. If there have been any changes in your health, please tell us. Questions are welcome and appreciated.


The security of your information is very important to us. This form is fully secure and your information will be protected. To learn more about the security measures used on this form, click the security logo to the right.

Contact Information

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Health History

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Preferred Pharmacy:

Do YOU (Not family members) have any of these conditions?



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High blood pressure

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MS, stroke, seizures

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High levels of cholesterol

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Asthma or breathing disorders

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Allergy - Seasonal

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Sinus conditions

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Weight loss / gain

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Skin - Rosacea

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Communicable diseases

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Thyroid trouble

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Rheumatoid arthritis

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Shingles / herpes zoster

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Sleep disorders

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Ulcers or kidney disorders

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Are you pregnant?

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Do you have a history of cancer?

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If so, what kind of cancer?


Please list any medications and supplements you are currently taking:

Please list any known medications you have had an allergic reaction to:


Have you been diagnosed with?

Gum disease


Tooth infection


Do you have a family history of?

Heart disease




Have you had?

A tooth or jaw injury

Periodontal treatments

Orthodontic treatment (braces, etc)

Root canal procedure

Oral surgery


Are you bothered by?

Tooth pain

Dry mouth

Uneven bite

Tooth color/appearance

Rough / sharp tooth surface

Bad breath

Social History

Do you live alone?

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Do you smoke?

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If so, number of packs/day:

Do you consume alcohol?

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If so, number of drinks/day:

Occupation / Recreation

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Employer (if any):

Recreational activities:


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