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Thank you for choosing WEO Media for your Online Review Generation service. We're excited to help you with your online reputation by providing this easy-to-use patient review service.

Accessing your WEO Reviews Account

To login to WEO Reviews go to and enter the user name and password you were provided. Can’t remember your password? Simply select the “forgot password” option. If you are not able to login or have not been set up with a User Account please call WEO Media and ask for an online reputation specialist and we will be happy to assist you.

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Office: (888) 788-4670
Local: (503) 922-2120

WEO Reviews - Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do when I get a negative review?

Generate New Reviews:
One of the main ways to deal with a negative review is to keep encouraging patients to leave new reviews. Most people focus on the average star rating when looking at reviews, and they expect to see one or two negative reviews more than they expect to see all 5-star reviews. Continuing to generate new reviews can help balance out the effect of negative reviews that are posted.

Respond to reviews:
Responding to reviews can potentially resolve the issue brought up by the reviewer, but it also can show potential patients how your practice handles negative feedback. A neutral, prompt, professional response to negative feedback can reflect positively on your practice. We also recommend offering contact information and trying to take the conversation offline for resolution.

Flagging a review on Google:
There are no options for businesses to delete reviews on Google, but there are options to flag a review. When flagging a review, Google will review the content to see if it goes against their policies*. If the review violates Google's policies, Google will take down the review, but when a review is flagged, there is no guarantee that the review will be removed. For more steps on how to flag Google reviews:

*Google's Content Policies

Who can remove a review?
Reviews can only be removed by the person that wrote them. Sometimes reaching out to someone directly and resolving their concerns will create an opportunity to ask the reviewer to edit or take down their review. Otherwise, flagging a review is the only way to request that a review be taken down, but there is no guarantee the review will be taken down by Google.

Why can't I see the green send invite button?

Typically the reason that some users cannot see the green review invite button is due to the monitors low screen resolution or the web browser window bing to small. If you are using a monitor whose screen resolution is too low we would recommend using the check in feature which can be found by hovering over the grid icon in the upper right on the screen.

Adding users/employees:

To add a user or employee select the account tab on the menu on the left the choose either user or employee at the top of the page, then choose add user or employee and follow the prompts.
The difference between users and employees is that users have access to the weo reviews account and employees do not. Employees names will be listed on the check in feature and will be used to track who sent the review request.

How can I see who had received a review request?

To view who has received a email/text request select the campaigns option from the menu and then select the contacts sub-menu at the top of the campaigns page. Any request sent manually or through integration with a practice management software will be listed in the Contacts section. If you click the name of a specific patient, you will be able to see more information (type of requests sent, when requests were sent, if request was sent successfully, how many times requests were sent, etc.)

Can I block a patient from receiving a review invite?

Yes. Select the campaigns option from the menu and then choose contacts from the top of the page. Next you will need to find the patient on the list of names, you can do this by scrolling until you find them, or by selecting the magnifying glass icon near the top right of the contact list and then typing the patients first name and anyone with that first name will appear. Then hover over the three dots by the patients name and select restrict communication.

Best Practices for Managing Your Online Reputation

How do I respond to Facebook or Google Reviews?

While anyone can respond to Google or Facebook reviews by going to these sites directly and logging in as an admin/manager/owner, WEO Review clients can respond to these reviews directly through their WEO Reviews dashboard.
1.  Log on to WEO Reviews at
2.  Select reviews from the menu on the left side.
3.  Find the review you would like to reply too and select 'Reply'
4.  If the review site is not linked to the WEO Reviews, you will be directed off to the site the review is on. (see #6 on connecting to your Facebook and Google accounts)
5.  If the review site is linked to the WEO Reviews, you will be able to reply directly to the review without having to leave WEO Reviews
6.  To connect with your Facebook or Google accounts follow these steps:
- Hover your mouse over the blue reply button and then select the link where is says to integrate your Google or Facebook profile.
- Select manage social pages
- Select either Facebook or Google from the sub-menu
- Select connect with Facebook or Google, and follow the prompts (login credentials may be required for this step).
- Once you have completed the steps from the prompts then WEO Reviews will ask which pages/accounts you want to add, select the appropriate pages and select save
- From the setup page hover over the setup social accounts and select manage review response. In the search box under the header "Facebook pages" or "Google My Business Pages" start typing your practice name, you should see a your practice name in a drop down menu select the practice name and if a green dot appears to the right of the page this step is complete.
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