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WEO Media Terms and Conditions for Simplifeye Customers

The following Terms and Conditions explain website ownership and related items for Simplifeye customers who purchase a WEO Media webpage or website.

Terms and Conditions:

1) All website code is provided by the WEO Media website platform system, and is 100% owned by WEO Media. WEO Media owns and retains all rights and copyrights to website code, online forms, and software platform for the WEO Media website platform system.
2) All website content provided by WEO Media is 100% owned by WEO Media. This applies to any graphics, design elements, icons, written content, images, videos, documents, and related website content that is provided by WEO Media.
3) Client certifies that all content they provide (text, images, documents, videos, etc.) is either owned by Client, created by Client, or Client has legal right to use content from another provider. WEO Media is not responsible for verifying that content is authorized; this is the Client's responsibility.
4) The design, layout, and functionality of the webpage and/or website is entirely up to WEO Media. Once the minimum required information has been collected the webpage and/or website will launch at WEO Media's discretion and timeline. No approval is required from the Client or Simplifeye before WEO Media launches the webpage and/or website. WEO Media has the full authority to launch the webpage and/or website once the minimum required information has been collected.
5) Client is responsible for the purchase and renewal of the domain for their webpage and/or website. Domain purchase and hosting fees are not included as part of this service Contract.
6) Client is not permitted access in the WEO Media website platform system. All webpage updates and edits must be made by WEO Media.
7) Support time for webpage updates and edits are not included in the monthly service fee. Client would need to pay WEO Media directly for any updates and edits to the website after launch. The support rate is billed at $100 USD per hour.
8) To the fullest extent of the law, Client shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless WEO Media and its officers, directors, employees, agents, successors, and permitted from and against any and all loss, costs, penalties, fines, damages, claims, expenses (including attorney’s fees) or liabilities arising out of, resulting from, or in connection with the services contemplated by this Contract.
9) The term of this Contract is on a month-to-month agreement.
10) If Client cancels their service with Simplifeye, then this webpage and/or website will also be turned off as part of the Simplifeye service package.
11) In the case of a dispute over billing, ownership, IP, or other legal topics, the governing jurisdiction will be the State of Oregon, Washington County.
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WEO Media Terms and Conditions for Simplifeye Customers
View WEO Media's Terms and Conditions for Simplifeye Customers. We help Dentists and Dental Specialists grow, that's how we roll!
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