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Dentists are often excited and ready to start their dental practice. They want to perform dental work. The part they forget is that they are also running a business. The business side of their office can be frustrating. They need to have a marketing strategy that brings in patients, while also managing patients aside from the dental care. At WEO Media, we are a digital marketing company and we pride ourselves in being the best dental marketing agency. We take the burden of marketing your office and take care of your dental digital marketing. We help quality patients find you through online marketing through dental marketing services including your dental website design, social media marketing, marketing campaigns, Google listing, Google ads, reputation management, digital advertising, content marketing and more. We invite dental professionals like you to learn more about how we can drive traffic through web design and internet marketing to your office.We provide all of your dental marketing needs.

At WEO Media, we are a dental marketing agency that provides SEO services to elevate your business. A wholly successful dental office balances patients, staff, and continued work. We understand that you want to help your community, and to do that you need treatments that both do good for your community members and help financially support your endeavors. By bringing in a handful of larger procedures and custom solutions, you can support your staff and your office.

Our team is trained to elevate your business, your brand growth, and marketing efforts. We go above and beyond traditional marketing and traditional advertising methods to give you the digital presence you desire in your dental marketing. We can:

•  Boost your Website
•  Boost your Online Traffic
•  Boost your Incoming Calls
•  Boost your Business

Dental Agency Boost

WEO Media can boost your dental business by focusing on your dental clinic, the dental services that you offer, and elevating your brand and creating an online presence.

Boost Your Dental Marketing Website

Websites are often an introduction to your office. They are the face of your business and how you are seen. A professional website tells your viewer that you care about your practice. We can create a professional site as well as maintain it and upkeep it. Your website presence benefits from frequent activity. We want your site to stand out as well as be seen both by potential patients and bots. We understand how to appeal to both, helping you be seen. Today's dental world requires successful digital marketing for dentists through web development, email marketing, and positve reviews.

Boost Your Online Traffic

Today, one of the most common approaches to finding a business is through a Google search. When your potential patients are searching, we want your name to come up first. We know how to make that happen. We can work to make your listing seen. We want your office, your phone number, and your information to be present and ranked high on any listing, so that you can receive positive reviews.

Boost Your Incoming Calls

Your potential patients are coming in through phone calls. First, they find you, then they call. We can help bring in the calls that are then handled by your staff. We can boost your incoming calls and leads, and then your dental office takes it from there.

Boost Your Business

Boosting your business in the dental industry is beneficial in many ways. Primarily, we know you want to be successful, and you want your staff to be successful. As a business owner, you are responsible not just for your own family, but those you employ. Additionally, we know that you want to provide dental education and care to existing patients and new patients alike. The health of your patients matters to you, and we support that. Dentistry is about more than a business, it’s about being part of a community. We want to help you ramp up your business and increase your dental revenue.

A Dental SEO Company

What is SEO? The acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization. The development services work we perform is helping your business be seen among the sea of a flooded internet. People seek SEO services to help their website be seen, their online presence be elevated, to increase their phone calls and to help their business thrive. We are currently serving hundreds of SEO clients just like you and providing optimization solutions to our customers as an answer to Google’s ever-changing algorithm.

Some of the work we do includes:

•  Keyword Development: Search engines have developed algorithms to search keywords, not just if they are used but how often and in what context they are being used. These keywords are given a value and then the search is presented to the searcher based on this information. For instance, a search engine wouldn’t give you a page about dog training if they are searching cavities. Though this can also mean that you need to include the right kind of words that match the searcher. This means that you want to include the terms that they would most likely use, for instance a dentist may refer to the surgical extraction of the third row of molars, but a patient may search for wisdom teeth removal, though both are referring to the same thing, one carries more value in searching. We have the tools to review the keywords, not just of the topic, but of the topic in your area. If your area uses the term caps more often than a dental crown, we will know and incorporate it.

•  Local SEO: Your local listing and ranking is huge in your success. How you are found and the ease of information is vital. Today, a majority of potential patients find their businesses through quick local searches. You want your office to come up on top, or near the top, with information about who you are and what you do. We want to make that information complete. With a quick search we want them to see your business name, location, phone number, pictures, services you provide and who you are. In a small space we need to establish trust and a look of professionalism. Updating and keeping your google listing fresh significantly benefits your office. In dentistry, local searches are vital, they are your business. In addition, we will consider advertisements through Facebook ads and PPC, targeted to people in your area. Ads are a great way to set your office apart, maybe you have easy parking, maybe you have specialized tools, or are set up to serve nervous children, we want the community to know.

•  Link Building: Internal link building increases utility of your website and that increases your ranking. For example, when creating a page about dental implants, if you discuss dental crowns, link to your dental crowns page. This is an internal vote for that page and therefore increases the usefulness of the dental crowns page and decreases users from needing to hunt your website for that information increasing user experience. Google knows this and adjusts accordingly that it’s useful information. External links can also be used for longer articles and citing sources. For example, if you are on the “Board of . . . ” we encourage linking to the website of that organization. It will draw others who are looking at that organization to you. Link building provides creative ways for internet marketing to promote you as a dentist online.

•  On-Page SEO: We like to think of on-page content as SEO tactics that we can control as your dental marketing company. We want to optimize your web page to increase traffic flow. This is done by improving the user experience, creating relevant content, and knowing the back end information that bots are looking for. Your web page should include html code, URL optimization, headlines and headers, unique and relevant content, images, title tags, internal links, meta descriptions, and more. All of these factors work cohesively to create a successful website. On-page optimization is important to work within the google algorithms. We know that the Google bots look for certain check marks as well as rate the user experience, including how long a person spends on a page and how many pages they click on. We want to enhance these areas of your site to improve the information that the bots receive.

•  Off Page SEO: Your off-page SEO are tactics that can have less control but still be highly important to your online image. This is about brand building, who you are and how your office is different. Off page means anything about your office that is not on your website. This can include offline marketing such as ads and direct mail, social media, discussions in other groups or web pages, articles in local community papers or groups, and more. There is less control, but that doesn’t mean it is bad. Outside content helps your website be seen because it means you are being talked about and this increases traffic flow to your site both by prospective patients and Google bots. We can add to this content through blogs, social media posts and more. Some off-page branding that we see be highly effective includes forums, influencers, events, podcasts, reviews, and social media posts. Because you have less control over what others are saying, if the dentist ever comes across anything negative we encourage turning it into a positive.

•  Technical SEO: The technical side of your webpage may seem insignificant, but it can really alter traffic on your site. You want all of your links to work, your images to load, and ensure that your pages load quickly. People and Google bots have little patience for these small technical errors. Your user experience and navigation matters. You want your search engine spiders to crawl and index your page in high regard. Broken links and long wait times can cause your site to drop significantly in search. We are able to review your technical SEO and optimize those tiny errors to improve your ranking. This is an important piece of dental marketing.

•  Social Media Presence: Social media increases your human side. Studies show that social media posts can carry the same value as a personal recommendation, which is a high value. It allows you to display friendliness, team bonding, education through tips, and information. Additionally, social media channels are free advertising. If you make a donation to your local baseball team, show it off. If you had a staff birthday party, show it off. People love the connection. Social media carries a lot of positivity, though it is an off-page reference, meaning it is possible to receive some negative feedback, for example someone could write that the staff birthday party “looks fun, I guess that’s why the wait was so long.” Find those remarks and turn them into a positive like “we love our staff and celebrate their milestones even if just for a few minutes. We appreciate your patience.” Studies show that a positive response is a huge win for most.

•  Content Writing: Your website development needs good, unique content on dental treatment, tools, and procedures. Your pages will need specific keywords, a certain number of word count minimum, and it will need to be unique. We can provide content that will elevate your site. We have a team of writers that produce content to fit your criteria. This may include content for sites, blogs, social media posts, and more. Search engines take note of this data and give a positive vote for your practice. We can bolster your dental marketing with good content.

•  Pay Per Click: PPC is different from SEO, it’s a tool that lets you jump the line in search. PPC is advertising your business to specific clientele that can be selected for you, it is scalable based on what you spend. PPC is great because it’s ad content that you pay for only if someone clicks on the link. This means that your practice is seen by those who do not click, and those who do. PPC is a proven method for driving traffic to web pages but it doesn’t build the equity in views that website ranking does, once PPC is turned off, it’s gone.

Why Do I Want Digital Marketing for My Dental Practice?

Your business is successful by having patients in chairs. You want patients that have smaller needs, such as preventive steps, but you also want patients who have larger needs such as prosthodontics and dental implants. These larger procedures are how you pay your staff and continue to purchase the newest technology.

You want digital marketing to do the work that you don’t have time for. By turning your digital marketing strategies over to a dental marketing company will get you a wide range of services that you don’t have the knowledge or time to handle. Depending on the package and service you choose, we can:

Analyze Your Online Presence

What is your current on-page and off-page SEO? We want to evaluate your website, your Google listing and more. We can conduct an in-depth site analytics review of your content and create an assessment of your needs. The information collected will include past traffic, technical issues, and tactics to increase your traffic.

SEO Strategy

Not all dental practices have the same dental marketing needs. We will want to strategize with you to discover and create a strategy that is right for you. A dental office in San Francisco that specializes in Cosmetic Dentistry may have very different needs than a Family Dental Practice in a smaller town. We want to customize your dental marketing plan to fit your office and each strategy needs to be as unique as you. As we work to understand your campaign goals and expected outcome, we will know better how to help you gain more patients.

SEO Execution

The execution of your SEO strategy will come with some areas that are rapid, and some areas that take time. Some of our clientele notice effects so immediate that they aren’t sure if it’s due to the work we’ve done, and some clientele can get frustrated with how long a difference can make. We try to ease these ideas with regular monthly reports, we show you the work that has been done and how it has altered your traffic. We also provide tracking phone numbers to better learn how your patients are finding you.

Track and Report

You will always know what’s going on through regular tracking and reporting. We want to include you in the information we’ve collected and show you trends that we see. This will help us make adjustments to better improve your strategy. Using Google Analytics, Google Search Console, call tracking, and rank tracking we are always looking to incorporate new ways to track, and let you know how your business is doing.


Moving forward, we look for things that aren’t working and adjust our marketing strategy. Your practice is unique, and your service should be as well. For some offices pay-per-click does wonders, for others it doesn’t. We want your funds to go where there is value, your success helps our team be successful. We will advise and adjust your digital marketing as we see it.

At WEO Media, our business model is to elevate your business. When you experience success, so do we. We want to help you achieve good work and bring in new patients. Working together, we can funnel new patients to your website where they can find the right services for their dental needs.

Can I Do SEO Myself?

Many dentists wonder if they, or a member of their team, can handle this dental marketing work on their own. Some even specifically hire a specialist in office. We invite you to weigh the benefits and cost of each avenue to determine the answer. Yes, you can do it yourself, but is your time better spent working with patients? Yes, you can hire someone, but then you are most likely paying them more than you would be paying us and that’s before your PPC and other dental marketing and advertising costs. Trusting our team who is specially trained and educated to do this correctly, and watch for changes in online algorithms, will save you time and money while increasing your patient load.

We invite you to learn more about our multifaceted approach to digital marketing services and how we can help you have more patients who are there to spend more money to get important work done. We want to be part of your digital marketing team.

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