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General dentists and other medical professionals can no longer rely on the yellow pages to advertise their dental practices and dental services, you need to reach potential patients with a modern touch. There are steps we can take, and steps we can teach you, to help your business be seen, increasing your patient flow. We invite you to learn more about dental marketing ideas, search engine optimization and local seo results, how to target market for the patient leads you desire, and the other dental advertising and services we offer at WEO Media.

Advertising has changed and will continue to advance. The internet has provided an evolution of how people communicate and receive their information. Both small and large business owners have to keep up with this progression or they can easily be overlooked. Marketing your dental office not only shows who you are, but it is a platform to show your patients that you are up to date in dental trends, including new procedures, advanced software tools and innovative technology. Creating marketing materials allows you to promote these changes and build trust with patients showing that you care.

Dental Marketing Strategies

Learning how to market your dental practice will help you gain patients, including patients who are looking for more profitable treatment options such as prosthetics and dental implants. Your dental marketing strategy should be divided into what we can do for you, and what we can advise you to do from your end.

What We Can Do For You

WEO Media provides our clients with advanced internet marketing. We provide a wide range of services, including:

•  Email Campaign: When you need to do an email marketing campaign, we can do that! Using lists specific to your target audience, we will create and send a commercial email on your behalf that is then tracked. We collect information on who it was sent to and the response that was received. The analytics collected from this campaign can tell us how to adjust going forward.
•  Google Searches: Most of your customers are going to say that they found you through a google search. Our goal is to make finding you easier by helping you get higher in search results. We target key word searches and local keywords to help the right patient find you. This means targeting your office with keywords such as pediatric dentist, prosthodontist, family dentist, new dentist, as well as google adwords. Whether they are searching for tooth pain, crooked teeth, or cavity, we can help your office rank higher based on your keywords, and show up on Google reviews and Google maps.
•  Pay Per Click: PPC is a Google internet advertisement program, sometimes referred to as Google Ads or Search Engine Marketing. The concept is paying an arranged amount to have your office advertised on Google Searches. Dollar for dollar, Google Ads are one of the most successful forms of dental advertising that also shows faster results versus other methods. It is generally very highly recommended as a way to advertise a business.
•  Social Media Management and Facebook Ads: Your social media presence is a way to connect with people in your area. We can manage your social media pages and post ads to advertise your office. Using social media platforms helps personalize your office and shows you as an active participant in your community. Video marketing is a great dental marketing idea to add to your social media marketing for prospective patients and patient reviews. We can advise you on creating videos and posting your video online.
•  Website Management: One of the most important jobs we do is manage your website. Working with you, we build the site and upload pages to help make your site relevant. Websites are incredibly important to your business, and your digital marketing strategy. They let Google know about you, helping your patients and potential patients find you. Having a team understand how to construct a website to be more than just visibly appealing makes a huge difference. We can help your business be seen.
•  Directory Management: We create bulk business listings, pushed out through data aggregators and manage more important listings such Google Business Profiles. It is important that you business listing be correct in order for new and existing patients to properly find you.
•  Online Review Generation: ORG is a web based system we offer that sends out requests for reviews. This can be added to your website. Though, more reviews will be obtained when asked by your office directly.

How We Can Help You Elevate Your Office

Growing your business takes effort. We are happy to take on a lot of those marketing efforts, and advise you on the parts we can not do. There are steps you can take to promote and highlight your office. This includes:

•  Office Management Software: You most likely already have Office Management software, we can advise you on how to use it. You will want to learn some of the tools that help you gain information from your patients. This includes collecting data such as where people come from when you receive phone calls. Simply asking them, “How did you hear about us?” is not the best question, they will nearly always say yes to finding you on Google, but that is too broad. Have your dental team ask patients how they found you based on what marketing campaigns you’re currently running. Did they find you by an email that was sent? An advertisement? Take notes on where they found you. You are trying to ask patient questions that will generate positive reviews and attract new patients.
•  Set Up Reminders: In your Office Management software, discover how to create appointment reminders. A lot of software connects with easy access for more patients to create reviews, email reminders, text reminders, and more. Learn your software, they are often your best source for analytics of what is going on.
•  Ask for Reviews: We can’t generate or collect online reviews for you. We can create forms for collecting reviews on your website, but we need your assistance in asking patients to supply them. Reviews are personal, but they can speak volumes. Reviews have been shown to induce a feeling of trust in new patients. Even a negative review can be helpful, it provides you the opportunity to respond in a healthy way, such as offering assistance, hearing them out and making a request to fix it. You don’t have to offer a free consultation or anything for free, just hear them, and you can turn a bad review into a great one.

Creating An Effective Dental Marketing Plan

Dental marketing, along with many areas of business marketing, has changed drastically the last couple of years. As we enter a post-Covid world, it has meant that offices are now spending significant time adjusting their approach to new ways of managing patients while navigating the need to reassure patients that their visits are safe. Today, the office information being advertised has shifted, as patients demand a list of specifics for how their dentist has applied safeguards from exposure to germs. It is important during these changing times to answer patient questions like these, in order to help reassure them and build your relationship status with your patients. The lesson from Covid is that changes and healthcare decisions can happen fast, and dental offices have to be willing to adjust with the changes, not only their protocol, but their dental advertising as well.

In many ways, dentistry is already one of the most health-conscious fields. This means that many safety parameters were already in place, including closely observed techniques for sterilization and disinfection, with many offices adding even higher quality to their to-do list. Highlighting these adjustments can, and should be, a focal point of marketing your business.

We promote finding these changes in your dental practice marketing plan as being critical. Adjusting your plan to what is happening around you is vital, additionally, here are some more tips to help:


You will find that not all marketing plans are the same. You are not the same as every other dentist, and your area is not the same. Consider what is unique about you, your office, and the neighborhood in which you operate. As you learn the desires of your patients, and potential patients, you will know how to better reach them. You may be a local dentist that pratices family dentistry, and want to support a local sports or league team. Or, you may be an oral surgeon adjusting your calendar to pull wisdom teeth when school is out. Getting to better understand your audience of current and potential patients shows you care.

Consider Various Marketing Styles

In general, there are a few primary marketing styles. Each field will offer different benefits. You will want to consider varying costs, conversion rates, and your return on investment (ROI).

•  Advertising: Advertising, in a non-digital format, for your dental office can be some of the most expensive marketing that equally yields the most response in the least amount of time. This would include any type of non-digital means, including direct mail, physical dental ads, or taking up ad space in local events. The branding of your business is positive, but it traditionally has a lower conversion rate and marginal ROI due to the cost involved. Research shows that physical ads should be part of your marketing plan, but not the main, or only, source of marketing.
•  Digital Advertising: Digital Marketing is why you hire our team. We are an outsource to you, but provide high results in marketing your office. Digital marketing has a lower cost than most traditional advertising with much higher conversion rates and ROI if campaigns are appropriately tracked. This would include the creation and maintenance of your website, optimizing your office on search engines, creating a social media presence and online ads such as Google Ads or PPC, and Facebook Ads. Over the last few years, marketing businesses, including small businesses such as dental offices, through digital means has surpassed all traditional advertising methods for patient response.
•  Word of Mouth: Word of mouth marketing has always had a high effective rate. Personal referrals work wonders in every industry, including dentistry. This can sometimes be referred to as marketing with meaning, it is something that comes from personal recommendation and that carries a ton of weight. Referrals of this type come in both an online and offline format, it’s a lot of people talking to other people, and it works! Recommendations from a patient are projected to carry a 90% trust in advertising, versus traditional marketing methods that carry less than 25% trust in advertising. Learning how to promote patient recommendations to their friends and family is slower, with a small amount of growth, but definitely worth your time as it delivers enthusiastic patients.

Factor your Budget and Time

Your budget includes your time, and as we know, time is money. Consider what would be an appropriate amount of money and time for you and your office staff to devote to marketing your office. How much money and time can you devote to marketing, campaign tracking, and analysis? Trusting these services to an outside source may be worth the extra costs for your success. Or, you may decide it’s worthwhile to devote an employee to part or full time working on these matters. These are all considerations you need to make.

Determining a budget will want to include how you want the money allocated. For instance, social media allocations nearly doubled in the first half of 2020, jumping from 13.3% of marketing budgets to 23.2%, and predictions are that social media spend will account for around 23.4% of all marketing budgets of small businesses in the years ahead. These costs include Facebook ads, creating posts or blogs and having the staff available to make these social media arrangements. Is this type of marketing beneficial to your business?

Review your past marketing allocations and then adjust dollars from your lowest-performing strategies to more effective strategies. Each office may find that these strategies can vary based on their location, their target audience, and the work that they do. By researching, building advertising campaigns, testing followed by tweaking, your new plan can bring you more success.

Knowing Treatment Value

Figure out the number of new patients you added in previous years. Then understand what portions of revenue income based on the treatments provided. Of course, your dental practice is about helping people get dental care, and we love that about you, but you want to aim marketing toward treatments that bring larger revenue. Your office will want to balance preventive care, which may bring less revenue but is helpful to your patients, and marketing toward those larger treatment options such as prosthodontics and dental implants that bring more revenue. There is both the desire to be a place of dental health and wellness, while also being a successful dental practice. Income is beneficial to your entire team and keeps the work you do progressing.

Market You!

Every dental practice is different, each has variations that make them unique. Your marketing plan should market what makes your dental practice special. Are you a family dental office? An oral surgeon? Do you have any specialized tools such as your own milling machine? Do you have Invisalign software? Target your audience with your specialty and why they will want to choose you. Are you located in a large city, but you have parking available, make sure your prospective patients know that. If your office is on a higher floor, but there is an elevator available if needed, make sure your potential patients know that.

Market your business, and yourself. Potential patients look for things to align with and the spectrum can be wide. You may even ask patients what they like about your dental practice, or what they wish you had, to help you know how to present your dental practice. It could be something as simple as staying open later one day a week that can make a significant difference in your clientele.

Track and Adjust

A key concept in knowing how to market your dental practice is tracking and adjusting. You need to find the balance that works right for you. If you skip testing, or don’t track effectively, or simply fail to adjust, you could be wasting a massive amount of money and time. Knowing what marketing strategies are right for your clientele makes all the difference.

Older clientele, such as baby boomers, are marketed differently than younger clientele. If you are promoting All-on-4 Dental Implants, you may not want to utilize Instagram, which tends to have a younger audience. If you are promoting Invisalign, you want to market professional adults, or teens who play sports. Learn where your audience is, track it, and adjust until you are hitting the right mark.

Advertise Through Multiple Approaches

Marketing is never just one avenue, you want to utilize multiple approaches. When strategies are multi-faceted, your dental practice outreach will take on a life of its own. We recommend being proactive, being active in community events, knowing your audience, and considering your patients. The traffic will happen as a direct reflection of your content marketing. Educational videos are also a preferred method of advertising.

Contact WEO Media

Advertising your business and building a marketing strategy is what we do. We understand how to build campaigns, advertise your business, keep your website fresh and professional, and assist you in gaining success through marketing. Our sales team can help you target the patients you want. Simply adding a handful of higher revenue treatments a month can protect you and your team involved in continuing to do the important work you do every day. We invite you to learn more about the work we do.

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