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The WEO team working on Search engine optimization as part of dental marketingIn the past, marketing techniques for all businesses, especially dental offices, were relatively simple and straightforward. With the advent of the internet, things have drastically changed!

As leaders in our industry, we here at WEO Media can help you and your team navigate the intricate complexities surrounding modern dental marketing.

How Dental Marketing Has Grown Complex With Multiple Platforms

Along with conventional advertisements in print or on television (if you had the budget), the yellow pages were one of the few ways to market your dental practice or business. Google is now the new yellow pages. While this may seem like a relatively simple concept, dental marketing has actually grown much more complex over the last 20 years.

Dental Marketing AnimationThis complexity is a double-edged sword. While it has never been easier to gain exposure and grow your practice, you have to understand how to establish a strong online presence first. That’s where WEO Media comes into play!

Our team can help improve your visibility on a number of different platforms, such as Google, Bing, Yelp, Yahoo, and Healthgrades, to name a few. Promotion on sites like these can bring much more traffic to your website. Ultimately, we want to convert these website visitors into actual patients using proper marketing techniques.

Establishing Your Brand

A large part of converting site visitors into regular patients is establishing your brand. Establishing a brand can be a tricky task. Luckily, we employ talented graphic artists, website designers, social media coordinators, and content specialists. Together, we can create a concise, effective brand that attracts high-value patients in your key demographics.

If necessary, our design team will work with you to create a logo and website that best suits your brand. In addition to digital branding, we can also help with physical promotional items like letterheads, business cards, and brochures. We believe every practice should have collateral design present and available for patients and prospective patients—materials that incorporate your logo, colors, and other branding aspects.

Building a New Base for Your Marketing Efforts With a WEO Website

Unfortunately, there are many agencies and “specialists” out there that provide lackluster and unsuccessful websites. As an agency that specifically specializes in dental marketing, WEO media can help you avoid the pitfalls of hiring the wrong person for your website. Instead, we will provide a website that serves as an effective new home base for your online marketing efforts.

We specialize in a number of premium marketing services to help you with your internet presence. However, a secure and responsive website built specifically for dentists is essential. Our design team may suggest either a custom-built site or a quick-launch site, depending on your business and marketing needs.

A dynamic, custom-built website is always ideal, as it allows us to showcase your practice and better establish your brand. An online marketing campaign can be unproductive without a strong website to back it up. It is relatively easy to attract site visitors with the right techniques. Turning them into new patients is where the real challenge lies.

These days, personalized SEO website copy is often not enough. We also recommend our custom photography and video shoot services. These services help form a sense of trust and familiarity with potential patients before they even set foot in your office! For this reason, videos, in particular, can make website visitors more likely to schedule an initial appointment.

Expanding the Reach of Your Website With SEO and PPC

Best Dentist Ever Search ResultsSearch engine optimization, or SEO, is a highly-effective form of online marketing that targets Google’s ever-evolving algorithms. These search algorithms are designed to reward well-structured websites with original, unique, and keyword-driven content. In other words, a successful SEO campaign will help you rank higher on Google’s SERPs or search engine results pages.

Proper SEO can be categorized into two components:

•  On-Page SEO: The optimization of your website content, website code, and website structure. Your content must target certain keywords and establish your practice as an authority in your field. SEO-friendly code includes title tags, meta tags, and image tags that also target local and dental keywords. Finally, SEO-driven website structure involves a semantic vocabulary of tags or schema. Proper schema clarifies the intent of your content, helping Google determine the relevance of your site for the best possible search results.
•  Off-Page SEO: A variety of SEO tactics designed to establish a sense of authority with Google and potential patients looking for a new dentist or specialist. In other words, off-page SEO is all about generating positive patient reviews, local directory listings, and link building. The goal is to boost the importance of your website for a better, more organic ranking, improving your online visibility.

Utilizing ALL Areas of Search Engine Results with PPC

Every time a user conducts a search with Google, they are exposed to PPC or pay-per-click advertising. Paid ads are a popular online marketing tactic, with PPC being among the most effective. PPC ads generally pop up at the top of the search engine results page, above the actual search results, but can also be found inside the local block section of search results, on google maps, as well as specialized mobile and tablet results.

These days, Google’s PPC ads look almost identical to organic search results, meaning a user may not even notice it is a paid ad. If the ads are built well, the effectiveness of your dental PPC campaign becomes dependent on the amount of capital you are willing to invest.

We recommend PPC for dentists due to Google’s unmatched influence on consumers (and patients). According to a recent study, 90% of consumers turn to Google when they want to find a local business, especially on mobile platforms. For this reason, using PPC is a no-brainer if you want to drive more traffic to your site, and immediately acquire new patients.

PPC can also be used to target specific searches for high margin procedures. In other words, we do not want to simply improve new patient acquisition, we want to attract high-value patients. We want to bring people to your website in need of profitable procedures and regularly scheduled appointments.

Fortifying Your Position in Search Results With Reviews

5 star reviewsAs we mentioned above, positive patient reviews can help establish authority and trust with new website visitors. They can also fortify a higher ranking position in the search engine results page. Luckily, we here at WEO Media offer a powerful service known as Online Review Generation.

Our online reputation management is designed to generate more positive reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, Healthgrades, and even Yelp. Generating more positive reviews can also help decrease the relevance of negative ones (if necessary). This is a unique service that we believe no dental practice should be without.

Social Media Integration

As you probably know, social media is now an invaluable tool for any business owner, especially those in the competitive field of dentistry. However, platforms like Facebook and Instagram are only effective when you utilize them properly. Our team of specialists is here to ensure your practice’s implements successful social media integration.

WEO Media offers a social media management service for our clients that want unique content specifically designed for their practice. Your personalized program can help you retain existing patients, attract new ones, and increase the number of referrals you receive. Ultimately, we want your social media to establish a better, more personal relationship with new and existing patients!

Our services are all inclusive, meaning we can help set up, manage, and maintain your social media with regular posts on your behalf. If you want to be more involved and personally engage with your followers, we can also work with you to ensure you utilize the most effective techniques. Along with our other specialties, like premium SEO and PPC, social media integration can help take your practice to even greater heights!

Making Your Website Work 24/7

Person using 24/7 chat on a websiteThe internet never takes a day off, meaning your website should be fully functional, day and night. In fact, potential patients often visit websites during off-hours when trying to find a new doctor or dentist. Most people work nine to five jobs, meaning they may only have time to contact your office outside of regular business hours.

For this reason, having a 24/7 live chat on your website is of vital importance. A 24/7 live chat is just one more way for someone to interact with your practice, helping you convert more leads into actual patients. In today’s internet age, practices that do not offer live chat are at a huge disadvantage.

Because we focus almost exclusively on dentistry, WEO Media is one of the few marketing agencies that employ live chat professionals with legitimate dental experience! Our chat specialists will engage each curious website visitor in an attempt to get them to schedule a consultation. Our unique software also enables them to access your scheduling system, making it easier to put more appointments on the books.

Operating and maintaining a website on the technical side is also a 24/7 job. Our technical support staff is here to help keep your website functional around the clock. As a part of our premium services, we routinely update the code of your website to keep it in compliance with Google’s algorithms.

Most importantly, your website will be secure and have a quick response time. We implement the most extensive and proven security measures, with a perfect track record, to protect you and your patients from potential hackers. In addition, a fast response time helps keep visitors on your website longer, making them more likely to schedule their first appointment.

Additional Marketing Services

Simply put, we here at WEO Media strive for excellence! Our comprehensive approach to dental marketing has helped thousands of practices significantly improve their patient acquisition rate. From a beautiful and sleek website to online reputation management, we are completely dedicated to meeting all the needs of our clients.

Along with the basics, we also offer a wide-variety of additional marketing services. Some of these services include:
•  Credit Card Processing: We have partnered with an online credit card processing company to help your patients pay through your website. Our partnership also helps you save money with lower rates and transaction fees.
•  Dental Practice Photography: As we mentioned in a previous section, custom photography can help potential patients feel connected to your practice before their first appointment. If you need an experienced photographer to update your online photos, our team is here to help!
•  Direct Mail Campaigns: Believe it or not, direct mail campaigns are still a powerful promotional tool, especially for people that have just moved to your area. If you want to target this demographic, we can design a custom campaign tailored to your office and brand.
•  Email Based Newsletter for Patients: An electronic newsletter is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your current patients. We want to avoid the old adage, “out of sight, out of mind.” Staying visible with a newsletter can lead to more scheduled appointments and better patient loyalty.
•  Email Hosting: We offer email hosting to ensure your business email matches your website domain. A matching domain and email address is much more professional that using Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail.
•  Facebook Ads: Due to Facebook’s popularity, paid ads can be a fruitful way to generate new patients leads. Facebook ads are also unique in that they allow us to target your key demographic (with laser focus) based on age, gender, geographic location, relationship status, “likes,” education, job title, and other aspects.
•  Logo, Design, and Branding Services: Your logo and brand may be more important than you think. Talk with our design team to learn more about your possible options, whether you need a new logo or want to update an existing one.
•  Online Bill Pay: Much like our credit card processing, online bill pay makes it easier for your patients to pay for their treatments, especially if they need a payment program. We use the latest software and security measures to ensure a seamless billing process.
•  Patient Forms (Fillable PDF): A fillable PDF makes it easier for your patient to complete their paperwork before their first visit. This reduces your set-up time, allowing you to see more patients throughout the day.
•  Patient Forms (Secure Online): Secure online forms cut paperwork out altogether, meaning your staff will not have to waste time transferring the data to your computer system. It is also a more environmentally-friendly option, a nice selling point for patients that want to keep it green!

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If you would like to learn more about dental marketing, our team of award-winning specialists is happy to help. Our premium services can help bring your practice to the next level! Call 888-788-4670 or fill out our contact form today!
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