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How to Use Facebook Video Banners to Attract New Patients

Does your Facebook business page offer a video banner option yet? If not, it will soon! Find out below how to utilize that space to attract new patients.
Posted on 6/21/2017 by Wendy Hensley, Marketing Manager
Facebook is slowly rolling out a new feature for business owners that could once again change the way you brand your practice on the platform. Video cover banners are making an appearance on various business pages and will be arriving to your page soon.

Why video?

Video is one of the most consumed content types on Facebook and this recent change is a nod to the importance they are placing on video going forward. If you want to engage with your patients in a new way and further brand your practice, using video on your page might be a good option to think about.

Do you have this option?

To find out if you have this feature, navigate to your page and look in your cover photo area. When you hover over the image, if your icon in the upper left changes from a camera to a video camera and back again, then you have this feature and are ready to upload a video.

Dental Marketing - Facebook Video Banners from WEO Media

If you don't have the feature, it should be rolling out to you soon and you can use this time to prepare.

Facebook video specs

Facebook suggests your video be at least 820 x 312 but keep in mind your page visitors can click on the video and they will see it full size when they click. We suggest uploading a full size HD quality video so it renders nicely for all viewers.

Facebook also suggests the video to be 20 - 90 seconds in length. We suggest you keep the video close to the 20 second mark especially if you're using a full size HD quality video. This will allow for smoother and faster playback across all devices.

When you upload your video, you'll need to pick a thumbnail image to display. This thumbnail is important because it will display if a visitor has opted not to have video automatically play. You can pick this thumbnail when you upload the video. You can also edit the thumbnail by navigating to your video in your library and choosing edit.

Keep in mind that for now, there won't be any audio on the cover video so there's no need to worry about voiceover or music.

Ways you can use the video banner in your practice

This video banner is a great opportunity to showcase the fun side of your practice, show off a new piece of technology, introduce your staff, show the doctor working, or show off your space.

Facebook Help

If you need assistance creating a video banner, please contact us. Our marketing professionals are well versed in video and social media marketing and will help you create an engaging piece that will help you stand out and attract new patients!

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