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Dental Branding - The Power of a Photo

Posted on 1/11/2017 by Wendy Hensley, Marketing Manager
Dental Branding - PhotographyOnce you have your logo and brand story in place for your practice, the next step is to start developing your design elements. These elements will go into your website, brochures, flyers, etc. and should be reflective of your brand and office style.

One of the most important elements you'll need to create are your practice and staff photos. Photos of the doctors, staff, and rooms within the practice give you the flexibility to showcase your office and connect with potential patients. Photos don't just show them what to expect, they also help your potential patients visualize themselves in your office.

But be cautious ... not just any photo will work. Although cell phone cameras have come a long way, professional photos shot with a high-resolution camera and with proper lighting will have greater impact on new patients. A low-resolution or poorly lit photo can have a negative impact on your brand and turn people away from your office.

Be sure to set aside a solid block of time for your photoshoot. Your professional photographer will be able to guide you as to how much time they will need based on the number of shots you're going to need, but we generally advise to have at least half a day blocked without any patients in your office. This gives a non-stress, non-hurried amount of time for the photographer to work with you and your staff to get all the necessary shots without disrupting patients.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind when working on your photo project.


Get photos of the doctor with a patient (real of staff) in chair or greeting at front desk. Be sure the patient signs a photo consent form!

Get photos of each room a patient could be in while visiting your office.

Get photos of the small details in the office. These are great for filler photos on your website and other materials. A beautiful vase with pretty flowers on the front desk, a unique angle of your waiting area, etc.

Get photos of each staff person as well as each doctor in the office.

Make sure the staff wears complimentary colors to your logo and office and that patterns on shirts/pants are kept to a minimum.


Get a full staff picture. When you have staff turnover, that picture becomes obsolete and you need to reshoot it. It's far better to have individual pictures.

Crop in too tightly to pictures. Having room around the subject is important when cropping and fitting pictures for various applications.

Planning your shots in advance, hiring a professional photographer and keeping your brand front of mind will all ensure you have amazing pictures that showcase the best of your practice.

For assistance with your photography, contact our office. We can guide you through the planning process and we even have photographers that can take all the pictures for you!

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