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Facebook Live Video and your dental practice

Posted on 11/18/2016 by Wendy Hensley, Marketing Manager
Facebook Live VideoYou've no doubt seen that many organizations and companies are jumping on the Facebook Live Video bandwagon now that the tool is gaining popularity among Facebook users. But is this a tool you could or should try for your practice?

Live video differs from regular Facebook video because it is truly captured live. It allows you to have real time interactions with your followers, share behind the scene moments, and engage with new followers in ways that standard video does not. Engaging with your followers can greatly increase your front-of-mind awareness and brand perception.

Here are a few ways you might consider using live videos in your practice.

1. A birthday singing celebration for one of your staff so your followers and patients can wish her happy birthday too.
2. At an educational conference or seminar showing someone on staff talking or sharing valuable information.
3. Video your office winning an award or accolade.
4. Showcase your charitable affiliations with your staff at the charity making a drop off or taking a tour.
5. Show some "behind the scenes" footage of your staff and your office. What can a patient expect when they arrive?
6. Have a live drawing for an office giveaway and broadcast the winner selection.

If you do opt to use Facebook Live, it's key that you do it in the right way. Since it's live, you can't go back and make edits. It doesn't need to be a polished video, but making sure you're on target and prepared will go a long way toward the success of the video.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Be intentional with your video.

Plan ahead by talking with your staff about what the video will entail, how they can help make the video great, and have them think about what to say as well.

Let your followers know you'll be live.

Giving them a heads up in advance lets them plan to watch the video and participate.

Do a practice video.

Work out the bugs by recording a video. Test sound, make sure your backgrounds are clean and professional, and practicing gives your staff time to be more comfortable in front of the camera.

Have a plan for comments.

Since the video is live, your followers can comment in real time as you shoot video. Have a plan in place to respond or acknowledge your posters. Perhaps your plan is not to respond at all. But in some cases it's good to comment back so that your followers know you appreciate their interaction. It will also encourage them to interact with you in the future.

Facebook Live can be a great tool for a practice that wants to take their social media marketing to the next level. If done properly, it gives you a chance to engage with your followers in a new way, increase your social media following, and allow you to showcase the personality of your practice.
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