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4 Keys to a Powerful Dental Practice Home Page

Posted on 8/18/2016 by Wendy Hensley, Marketing Manager
Anyone can put up a website these days but putting up a powerful website that's geared toward patient conversion isn't easy. It takes skill and time. In this article we've highlighted a few things to keep in mind while building your site to ensure you're maximizing your efforts.

1: Contact Information

What's the primary thing you want people to do after getting to your site? You want them to call or come into your office, right? In order for them to do that, they need your contact information and it's always in your best interest to provide that information as quickly and easily as possible. If they have to scroll to the bottom of your site to find a phone number or address, you're likely to lose them.

Website Example

We recommend placing your contact details in the top banner of your site so that it's one of the first things they see and when they're ready to call, that info isn't something they need to search for.

2: Calls-to-Action

Perhaps you want to call attention to a new service you offer such as Invisalign®, CEREC, or All-on-4®. Or, you want your site visitors to schedule an appointment online. Maybe you want them to download and complete your patient forms. A call-to-action is essentially the action you want a user to perform on that page. It's important to identify these actions and keep them above the fold. Above the fold means that the user doesn't need to scroll to see the action. They have immediate and quick access to that information when they first land on that page.

Website Example

You might have several calls-to-action on your home page and that's ok. Make sure you have a primary call-to-action identified and lead with that. Then use the remaining calls-to-actions as follow ups. Using buttons or other graphic elements to call attention to these actions is a good way to direct attention to the action.

Identifying the actions, making sure they are highly visible, and keeping them above the fold will help convert your site visitors to new patients.

3: Use Video

Studies show that having video on your site greatly impacts your overall SEO. Google loves video content and ranks sites with videos higher than those without video.

Video Example

Not only does video help get people to your site, it also keeps them there. Studies have also shown that people are engaging with video more than ever and this allows you to showcase your practice in a whole new way. Instead of flat images, you're able to actually speak to them, show your brand and personality, and digitally "click" with them as they make a decision about a dentist.

Video also helps with patient conversion. Both Google and MSN have reported that video can increase conversion by as much as 73%. Once they see you and your practice, they are much more likely to call you.

4: Have a mobile version

Website ExampleThese days it's not enough to just have a website. You have to make sure your website is mobile friendly. Mobile friendly means your site renders well on phones; the content is readable without pinching in or out and scrolling is kept to a minimum. Although some websites offer mobile templates, truly optimizing your site for mobile is a different task. On a mobile version of your site, you wouldn't want all of your content available. You need smaller content blocks, more calls-to-action with bigger buttons and easier to read formatting.

A website is a big investment for your practice and making sure you're working wisely to create a site geared toward patient conversion will help guarantee your site's success.
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