Online Appointment Scheduling

Real-time online patient appointment scheduling made easy.

96% of all bad reviews have nothing to do with actual dental care. "The front desk staff was so busy they could not help me" and "I had to wait on hold for ..." are the most commonly cited complaints. Online Appointment Scheduling takes some of the scheduling burden off the phones and allows the front desk to focus on those patients that are in the practice, making the patient experience more positive.

How does it work?

By connecting with your practice management system, we are able to read and fill your open appointments in real time. This is not an appointment request system. Once an appointment is booked online by a patient, it is automatically uploaded into your schedule. You have full control over the types of appointments allowed, time slots, days of the week, etc.

Online appointment scheduling can turn voicemails into scheduled appointments without chasing patients down. This frees up staff time for other tasks. Fewer phone calls to the office frees up time for front office staff to focus on other tasks.

Patients can provide the insurance information and fill out medical and HIPAA forms in advance of their visit – saving your office valuable time in collecting and validating this information while patients wait in the office.

You're in control

•  Embed on website & Facebook page
•  Fully integrated into PMS
•  Real time, all the time
•  Openings by appointment type
•  Appointment types by provider
•  Custom filters
•  Patient contact information verified
•  Reporting by patient origination
•  Works with most reminder systems
•  No system slow down

Case Studies

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