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Do you have a website or services with WEO Media? Our support team is here to help with any questions or updates to your website. Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions as well as best practices for contacting support with edits.

Feel free to submit your request or question online by clicking here, or drop us an email to Once your request has been received, we will send you a confirmation notice. If you do not receive a confirmation email please check your spam folder and make sure to add to your safe senders list. If the confirmation notice is not in your spam folder please resubmit or give us a call at 888-788-4670.

Best Practices for Sending Edits to Support

Help us help you! Are you signed up for our Website Hosting Service? Then you are entitled to one hour of Support a month. You are welcome to use this time to request updates to your website. Standard edits include but are not limited to adding photos, documents and links as well as updating verbiage on the website.
For sending photos please send the highest quality photo you have with specific instructions on where you would like it placed and any formatting preferences you might have. For sending multiple photos please identify placement and any accompanying verbiage for each photo and their corresponding file name. (JPG and PNG File Format)
For updating verbiage please reference the page and the wording of the content you would like updated as well as the specific language you would like to be displayed.
We can place PDF and Word documents on your website. We are also happy to convert word documents to pdfs. Please let us know what file format you would like placed on your website, what page you would like it placed on, as well as the title you would like to have displayed.

Examples of Support Requests

In your support request, it is important to be as specific as possible to ensure the accuracy and speed of your update. The most efficient way to compose a support request is to write out what you want done in list form.
Please Note: Gathering all your information into one request instead of sending a flurry of requests for us to process will save you on time.

"Please add [Name you would like to appear on the website] to the [Page needing to be updated]. Attached is a photo labeled [File name]. Here is the bio to go along with the photo: [Accompanying verbiage]"

Example: Please add Juno to the Meet the Staff page. Attached is a photo labeled staffphoto17.jpg. Here is the bio to go along with the photo: "Juno graduated from..."
"Please change out the [Name of document on website] on [Page the document is located on]. Attached is the new form labeled: [Title of document you would like to see appear on the website]"

Example: Please change out the Patient Referral on the Referrals page. Attached is the new form labeled: Patient-Referral-Form-2020.pdf
"We would like to add a new page for [Title of page you would like to have created]. We have custom content for this. Please see attached document for content, labeled: [Document file name] Also, please use the two images attached to this email labeled: [Image name]"

Example: We would like to add a new page for TMJ. We have custom content for this. Please see attached document for content, labeled: TMJ.docx. Also, please use the two images attached to this email labeled: TMJ-001.jpg and TMJ-008.jpg.
"Please add the two attached [Link to video/attached file] to the [Page you would like updated]. Place them [Directions for video placement]

Example: Please add the two attached videos: and Patient-Testimonial-85.mp4 to the Patient Testimonial page. Place them above thetext testimonials in the first article.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

The length of time needed to complete a request is entirely dependent on the type of request which is submitted. Our team is able to complete most standard requests within two business days and respond to questions within one business day. In some cases, your request may need the attention of other departments and may take longer. If this is the case, we will notify you of a projected timeline for the request.
Our Request Appointment Secure Form is one of the most important features of your website, and HIPAA compliant.
A patient visiting the website will submit the form online, where their information will be securely stored in your Content Management System (CMS). Once the submission has been completed you will receive an email notification signaling you to log on to the CMS to retrieve and archive the submission.

For HIPAA compliance purposes, only one email address will be able to receive the appointment request notification.
The easiest way to login into your CMS is through your websites URL with /login. For example, would be
If you are still unable to login or need to reset your password, please fill out a request form so we can assist you further.
In order for your edits to appear on your live website, you will need to recache/refresh your website To recache your website, simply visit the Website tab in your CMS. Scroll down below "Other Pages" and click "Mark site for Recache".
A newly launched site can take up to two months to be found, indexed, and updated in Google.
Yes. Please feel free to fill out a request for a "Sharefile Link" and we will email you a link to click and upload all of your files to one location. One advantage to using a Sharefile Link is that you can send multiple large files to us at one time. After you have uploaded your documents to the folder, please fill out a follow up request with specific instructions on what you would like us to do with these files.
No, the office cannot directly delete an email address, but WEO....
•  Can delete an email address. (Any unsaved emails will be deleted.)
•  Can add an email address.
•  Can create an alias (An alternate name for your primary email address.)
•  Can create a forwarding for any of your email addresses.
Unfortunately, no. However, one of the main ways to deal with a negative review is to keep encouraging new reviews to come in. Most people focus on the average star rating when looking at reviews, and they expect to see one or two negative reviews more than they expect to see all 5-star reviews. Continuing to generate new reviews can help balance out the effect of negative reviews that are posted.

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