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Use Facebook paid ads for new patient generation

Facebook offers a powerful service to reach potential new patients - paid ads. Facebook paid ads allow for very specific demographic targeting, and a variety of helpful features. Facebook ad campaigns can be used to generate more "Likes" on your Facebook page, and to generate new patient leads via more traffic to your website.

Facebook allows targeting through demographic options such as:
• age
• gender
• relationship status
• education
• workplace
• job title
• geographic radius around an address
• interests
• people who have "Liked" your page, and/or their friends
• and many other options.

WEO Media specializes in dental marketing so we have the knowledge and expertise to create, manage, and optimize your Facebook ad campaign. Contact us today for a free consultation.
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WEO Media provides Facebook PPC ads as a service to our dental clients. Using Facebook paid ad campaigns we can generate new Likes for a page, as well as drive lots of traffic for new patient leads.
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