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Orthodontics: Not Just For Braces
Many people think of braces when they hear the word orthodontist. But orthodontics is much more than that.

Orthodontists deal with a wide range of issues such as tooth grinding, speech difficulties, thumb sucking, bite problems, early or late loss of baby teeth, misalignment and much more. Problems can emerge throughout the lifespan and understanding when and how to correct problems is part of an orthodontist's professional expertise.

Some problems stem from behavioral issues, others are physiological. By and large, a person's health and self-esteem are greatly enhanced when both the mouth and teeth function appropriately. A proper bite is one of life's most essential needs. Without a good bite, it is difficult to speak clearly and to chew and digest food efficiently. Attaining the increased confidence to smile and speak up as a result of proper oral alignment can have huge positive effects on a person's success in life.

Certain orthodontic procedures are more effective in younger people before the face and jaw have completed formation. But many orthodontic procedures can occur at any age. Older adults who may not have had access to orthodontic treatment earlier in life still have time to enjoy the benefits of treatment once they learn their options and the positive effects that procedures can bring.

If you've been living with an oral issue or have children with emerging concerns, please give us a call for a consultation. We will be happy to provide you with a full range of options, recommended timelines for treatment, and cost estimates.
Sports Essentials for Spring - Mouth Guard
In budgeting for your family's sports activities this season, we encourage you to include the purchase of a properly fitting mouth guard. Hard surface sports, contact sports, and even skateboarding and bike riding can result in broken teeth.

Inserting a mouth guard becomes as routine as suiting up or grabbing the bicycle clips. Start this safety habit at the beginning of the season and save potential tears and expense later.

Call us if you need more information.

A Germworthy Note - Toothbrush Covers
Is your family inclined to keep toothbrushes out in the open rather than tucked away in a drawer or cupboard? If so, they are likely to be more exposed to germs carried on the air or to microscopic particles caused by nearby toilet flushing.

Anti-bacterial covers -little garages for toothbrush heads- are cheap insurance and especially useful for travel. Check out toothbrush sanitizers, too, a very easy-to-use product with antiseptic properties.

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