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Filter the Decay
You may think drinking bottled or filtered water is good for your health, but your oral health would disagree. There are a variety of minerals you need to expose your teeth to, which can help prevent tooth decay. If you drink only filtered water, you will not consume those minerals, and your teeth could experience decay.

The American Dental Association states that fluoride is responsible for reducing tooth decay. It is a known fact that many municipalities add fluoride to tap water. This practice dates back to the 1940s when public drinking systems. If you are one of the 65 percent of Americans that have access to fluoride filled tap water, you should consider drinking it to help prevent the decay that can harm your teeth.

There are other natural sources of fluoride available to you. Those sources include:

•  Fruits
•  Grains
•  Deboned Poultry and Meat
•  Canned Fish
•  Taro

Around 42 percent of children have cavities in their teeth between the ages of 2 and 11. It is not coincident that more than 45 percent of parents give their children bottled water, instead of tap water.

Both adults and children can greatly reduce their risk of cavities and tooth decay by taking some dental hygiene precautions:

•  Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste (At least twice a day)
•  Receive Fluoride treatment from our office
•  Drink fluorinated tap water if available
Keeping Up With the Dental Routine
Summer is approaching and there will be no school for most children. Your children should follow healthy eating habits and proper dental care year-round, especially in the summer months. Children will be more likely to get out of routine and snack during the summer, but it is your job to make sure they stay on schedule.

Do not let your child drink a lot of juice or sports drinks during the summer months, because they are full of sugar. If your child wants juice, limit it to one daily cup of pasteurized fruit juice. Make sure your child drinks plenty of water to help wash away food particles and sugars. If your tap water is fluorinated your child may gain an extra benefit.

The Microwave and the Dentures
Over-the-counter products give your dentures a clean appearance, but that does not mean the germs and bacteria have been wiped away. It is best to warm your dentures up in the microwave when you use these over-the-counter products.

You can place your dentures inside of a microwave-safe container that is at least twice the size of your dentures. Make sure the cover of the container has vents. You need to fill the container with water - it is best to shield the container with a towel, just in case fluid leaks. After two minutes of microwaving, remove your dentures and let them cool. Once they are cooled, you can rinse them off, and they are ready to be worn.

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