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At WEO Media, we support a culture of innovation, serving our clients, supporting each other, and doing rockstar work every day! We know that everyone at WEO Media works extremely hard and is dedicated to both personal and professional improvement, and we also know that there are times when each of our team members stand out from the crowd for their contributions to the team. The WEO Media awards are a reflection of the "above and beyond" effort that takes place on our team - and we want to recognize those achievements! So take a moment, and think about who you have seen step outside the norm and support their team in a WEO way.

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Rock Star Award

A Rock Star is someone that is pure awesome-ness at their job. They work hard every day, have a smile on their face, and deliver the goods above and beyond!

Who are you nominating for Rockstar?:

Why are you nominating them for Rockstar? Please be specific, and reference the award descriptions if you need help!
My nominee for Rockstar deserves this award because:

Innovation Award

An Innovator is someone that pursues growth and learning for the good of the team, and is working to improve efficiencies and the end product for our WEO clients, while keeping the value of scaleability in mind. They have implemented a new process, tool, or made significant contributions to the code improvement on our platform.

Who are you nominating for Innovator?:

Why are you nominating them for Innovator? Please be specific, and reference the award descriptions if you need help!
My nominee for Innovator deserves this award because:

Client Hero Award

A Client Hero consistently delivers WOW through service to our clients. They will have gone above and beyond to work on a high touch client, has implemented features and processes to make our clients say "WOW", or have worked on a really tough project with star-studded results.

Who are you nominating for Client Hero?:

Why are you nominating them for Client Hero? Please be specific, and reference the award descriptions if you need help!
My nominee for Client Hero deserves this award because:

Spirit Award

The Spirit Award goes to someone who focuses on building a positive team environment, brings joy and fun to the office, and is a constant encouragement to those around them.

Who are you nominating for Spirit Award?:

Why are you nominating them for Spirit Award? Please be specific, and reference the award descriptions if you need help!
My nominee for Spirit Award deserves this award because:


for participating in an amazing recognition process for our WEO team! Read further for more info on how the awards process works.

How Does This Award Thing Work?
Each quarter, nominations are reviewed for the four awards described above; the Rock Star, Innovation, Client Hero, and Spirit Awards. Nominees are considered against a series of requirements for each award, and finalists are announced at each quarterly company meeting. The really cool thing is that even if your nominee doesn't win that quarter, their name might still be in the hat for a future win!

Do they get something pretty?
Each winner receives a plaque that they get to keep, along with a beautiful, custom-made traveling award. This award will stay on the desk of the winner for the entire quarter, with a dish of their favorite candy for them to enjoy!

Who is eligible to win?
Anyone on the Operations & Development Team (sorry owners, you're not eligible)!

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