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Welcome To Social Media Client Portal

Thank you for choosing WEO Media for your Social Media needs. We're excited to help you with your online reputation by providing these easy-to-use tools.

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Office: (888) 788-4670
Local: (503) 922-2120

Connecting Your Social Media Accounts

To get started, we will need access to your office's social media accounts for posting. Above we have a tool that will allow you to securely link your social media accounts to our scheduling software. Please use the widget above to connect Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest:

Starting Your Social Media Service

For your convenience, we will start your social media service 30 days of receiving your Social Media Intro Email. The social media accounts and feedback you provide will determine what content we can post and where we can post it when the service goes live.

If you do not send over the Enhanced Social Media Topic Checklist (PDF attached to your social media introduction email), we will post content based on your specialty until we receive the completed checklist. You can send over the completed checklist at any time and send updated forms as needed.

If we have access to one of your social media accounts and not the others, we will begin posting after 30 days on the account we can access. When we receive access to the remaining accounts, we will catch up posting on these accounts so that you still receive the content.

If we do not have access to any of your social media accounts, we will send you previews of the content you would receive that month. Once we receive access, we will schedule any content that was previewed to make sure you receive your posts.

Don't have any social accounts set up? No worries! Let your social media specialist know, and they will be able to assist with setting up your accounts.

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